Configuring Churnly for EDD

Churnly is configured for Easy Digital Downloads "out of the box". However, if you'd like to add additional email notifications then you'll want to perform the following steps:

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, click Downloads-->Settings, then select the Extensions tab and click on Churnly.
  2. The Send Credit Card Expiration Reminders checkbox should already be checked. This is what enables/disables credit card expiration notifications from being sent out.
  3. Next is the Credit Card Expiration Reminders section which allows you to create additional email notifications. To do so, simply click the Add Credit Card Reminder Reminder button. See the Configure Credit Card Expiration Reminder Email for Easy Digital Downloads article for instructions on how to configure the email reminder.
  4. Last is the Credit Card Update Page section which allows you to change the page in which customers will be able to change their credit card information.

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